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Meet Lauri

Lauri quit his marketing and sales career around 10 years ago, freelanced a bit and then founded a digital design agency Bitfiner over 7 years ago.

On the way he has worked with clients from 20+ countries, won over 10 design awards (European Design Awards 2021 - Silver, German Design Awards 2019-2021 etc), has trained thousands of people in the Grow with Google series, given speeches in many eCommerce seminars, co-hosted several webinars including a featured one with Trusted Shops.

After 10 years in the user experience, design, and eCommerce business Lauri founded Wunderfront, to help more eCommerce businesses get more fuel for growth.

Lauri Post

Meet Franz

Franz started his creative career the other way around. Instead of focusing on the career first, he started working on himself, with a deep dive into yoga and meditation. Human psychology!

The belief was simple, in order to change the world, one has to start with itself. This simple principle applies perfectly for Wunderfront too, before serving others at scale, one has to be mature enough to do so. On top of being an exceptional digital designer, animator and videographer - for the past 8 years, Franz joined the Wunderfront's customer experience and profit mission. With the aim to help make the world of eCommerce more magical, systemised, profitable, and emphatic.

As Franz and Lauri are former colleagues and have worked together for over 5 years, and won several awards together - what you get from Wunderfront is just crazy value! 

Franz Krusenberg

What people say

What do people who have used the products or services of Wunderfront, or have collaborated in some other ways have to say? Take a read yourself.

“Great knowledge”

Lauri from Wunderfront has contributed with four excellent trainings to our SMB digital skills training program in Estonia. The great knowledge and detail-oriented approach to design and usability has shone through both the content and delivery. It has been a joy to work with them!”

Tom Pruunsild
Project Manager for Grow with Google trainings

“Fast and efficient”

Collaboration with Wunderfront is very good and things go fast. They are professionals in their field, and have mastered the latest eCommerce trends. We re-designed the entire eCommerce site with team Wunderfront and their design system.

Taavi Laeks
Board Member of Weekend, an apparel chain with over 30M in annual revenue

“Valuable partner”

Bitfiner/Wunderfront is a valuable partner for The Estonian E-Commerce Association and is actively supporting and educating the eCommerce industry globally. Our WooCommerce shop also runs on Wunderfront.

Tõnu Väät
CEO of The Estonian E-Commerce Association

You get expert advice and knowledge only

As an example Wundefront’s team has trained thousands of people at the Grow with Google series, spoken at several offline eCommerce seminars, done webinars with Trusted Shops - a household eCom brand from Germany, guarding more than 30 million shoppers.

Prestigious design awards as a cherry on cake

Wunderfront’s team holds European Design Awards Silver (x1), German Design Awards 2019-2021 (x3), Golden Egg Awards (x3) and a few more. You get high standards, and consistent quality.

Bitfiner is global agency
Trusted by customers from over 20 countries, over 10 awards won on the way.

Fuel your eCommerce site with more growth.