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Not Serious Brand

Wunderfront is the number one fan of its own products and is creating multiple e-commerce brands based on its products and knowledge. Life doesn't have to be boring or serious, and Not Serious Brand, created by Wunderfront, is everything but serious and dull. We bring eye-catching ideas and designs to people who feel that life is more than just being calm and wise.

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Shocking Socks

It's said that the first impression matters, and there's a reason for that. The Shocking Socks brand created by Wunderfront shocks both sock wearers and people whose gaze falls on these shockingly unique socks. A memorable experience is guaranteed.

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Certainty. Speed. Results.

You get certainty, speed, and results - that's our sales pitch. As we use globally proven methods and sales strategies, the likelihood of your project's success is very high.

Your contribution is minimal when you trust our proven process. Greater e-commerce business results are just a few video calls and a green light away.