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Wunderfront's passion lies in design and enhancing the shopping experience. Google along with many large and smaller e-brands trust us on design and eCom. We give you our knowledge, skills and experience from 25+ countries.

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Grow with Google series has trusted Wunderfront's expertise seven times to train thousands of entrepreneurs and enthusiasts in Estonia.

Wunderfront collaborates closely with the Estonian E-commerce Association, which also utilizes Wunderfront's products and services in its operations.

We do what is best for you

Wunderfront was founded in 2022, and product developments took off. Our previous experience led us to a clear understanding - change is needed, and it's needed now.

Before Wunderfront, while working in a design agency, we consistently saw how much money is wasted in e-commerce, how much unnecessary work is done, and how much inefficiency and mistakes are present in e-commerce development projects. We experienced this pain repeatedly.

An even more significant concern is the below-average shopping experience that dominates many online stores, both in Estonia and globally. Merchants' digital hygiene is nothing to boast about, and much of it comes from ignorance of factors influencing purchasing behavior - and this ignorance severely hampers sales and customer satisfaction.

We decided to go on a mission, and in 2022, we began creating digital products and hybrid-service packages that help merchants offer a high-level shopping experience in proven ways, much more powerfully.

We chose to combine a scientific approach and data with skillful design and incorporate everything we have learned over the years into our products.

You get all we have

The world of design and development is evolving rapidly with new products and AI, and we understand that merchants find it challenging to keep pace - you are not alone.

In creating our digital products and hybrid services, we set clear goals - to do things as modular and code-free as possible and to undertake tasks only when they create significant value for the end-user of the online store and benefit the merchant as well.

The initial versions of Wunderfront's products were completed in 2023, and in 2024, we will open our doors to the first e-brands.

There is still much to do, but progress has been made. By collaborating with Wunderfront, you gain access to everything we have to offer - smart products, premium practices, and knowledge from the last 10+ years, during which we have worked on various digital projects in over 25 countries.

Our journey has seen significant victories and losses, and we have also earned nearly 10 prestigious design awards from Europe and Estonia, including the European Design Awards Silver, 3x German Design Award, and more.

We have created our digital products and systems to make e-commerce increasingly better and more efficient.

We are here to serve you.

Certainty. Speed. Results.

You get certainty, speed, and results - that's our sales pitch. As we use globally proven methods and sales strategies, the likelihood of your project's success is very high.

Your contribution is minimal when you trust our proven process. Greater e-commerce business results are just a few video calls and a green light away.

Our knowledge and skills are supported by trust and results

Wunderfront's team has delivered impressive products and projects to over 25 countries. Efficiency, inventing new ways, and a desire for more and better drive us forward, and we hope to inspire you as well.

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Collaboration with Google, and many others

*7x trainer at the Grow with Google series
*Over 5 years of collaboration and partnership with The Estonian eCommerce Association
*We have helped businesses on the projects in over 25 countries, during the last 10+ years

Around 10 prestigious design awards, as a bonus

* European Design Awards - Silver
* German Design Awards - 3x awards
* Golden Egg Contest - 2 golds, 1 silver
* Awwwards - several honorable mentions
* Baltic eCommerce Summit - winners

Wunderfront designs and develops digital products and hybrid service packages for e-merchants to create enchanting and captivating shopping experiences, helping e-commerce businesses grow in proven ways.

Instead of reinventing the wheel, you get Wunderfront's ready-made e-commerce products and solutions tailored quickly to your identity and brand, incorporating the best and globally proven practices.

Wunderfront has helped people from here and there

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The great knowledge and detail-oriented approach to design and usability has shone through both the content and delivery.

Tom Pruunsild, Grow with Google

Bitfiner/Wunderfront is a valuable partner for The Estonian E-Commerce Association. Our WooCommerce shop also runs on Wunderfront.

Tõnu Väät, CEO at The Estonian E-Commerce Association

Collaboration with Wunderfront is very good and things go fast. We re-designed the entire eCommerce site with team Wunderfront.

Taavi Laeks, Board Member of Weekend

10/10. So things can actually be done in high quality, super-fast speed and fair pricing? Sign me up for more!

Silver Ernesaks, CTO

Wunderfront did a great job in improving the user experience of our digital product. They're a fast and professional partner who were fantastic to work with.

Ott Ilves, Growth Marketing

A top-class partner in their field. Every project has been a joyable and a successful ride which has improved our UX remarkably! 😉

Mari-Liis Medar, Brand Manager

I have worked together with Lauri and Bitfiner with several times! Got many good ideas how to improve average order value!

Urmas Piik, eCommerce Product Owner

Working with Bitfiner (Wunderfront's founder) is a bliss. They are a professional, highly motivated and competent team.

Silver Rits, Co-Founder @Jura Estonia & Rickman

Working with BitFiner (Wunderfront's founder) is really easy – a clear roadmap and everyone speaks the same easy-to-get non-tech language.

Keit Kiissel, Head of International Marketing

Bitfiner is a strategic design partner that does not only make cool designs but also thinks with you in order to work out the best solution for everybody.

Richard Rõõmusaar, Marketing Lead

The Team at Bitfiner gives tremendous support to Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundation on a weekly basis. The service is outstanding, fast, and precise.

Johanna Richardsson, Consultant

Wunderfront's principles and culture

Our collaboration is built on trust, which is the greatest value for us.

When we do something, we do it with passion and full commitment.

We put our money where our mouth is, meaning we deliver on our promises.

We prefer working smarter rather than harder and more.

If mistakes happen, that's okay; we learn from them and turn the lessons into victories.

We always give more than we take, both with our products and services.

Responsibility is always expected, ensuring clear ownership and excellent results.