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Incredibly simple storefront plugin for

Transform your WooCommerce shop into a sales machine

Wunderfront Profit+ plugin / theme supercharges your WooCommerce shop with proven sales tactics, growth hacks, sales, and profit-optimized designs - to turn more of your visitors into paying customers. The proven way!

Feels like IKEA, works like LEGO. Drives like Ferrari. Costs only "4 cappuccinos" a month.

-- Franz Krusenberg, Co-founder

An efficient and smart tool for small / medium businesses who want to grow all by themselves!

-- Lauri Post, Founder

The team at Wunderfront has collaborated with businesses from over 20 countries. Read more.

Boost your profit & sales

Boost customer happiness

Grow on auto-pilot

Grow the proven way

Grow the proven way, like your big competitors

You save over 10 years of learning and can grow the proven way because every page of your new store has been designed and built by following the eCommerce and usability best practices (Baymard Institute, CXL, Google, and many blogs). Battle-tested and proven by many, many big brands.

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→  “More affordable than an electric scooter”

Proven data, tactics

Leading UX institutes and research facilities, are rarely mistaken.


Big brands, countless of tests, it all has been proven to work.

Keep more customers and make them return

Please your visitors and turn more of them into customers who want to come back. A sensual shopping experience, combined with great designs and proven growth tactics - increases your success rate by many times.

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→  “It's more useful than an electric scooter too”

→  Boost customer retention
→  Make customers even happier
→  Make ad spend more profitable

This is how your shop users will feel and think

Wunderfront is no stranger to eCommerce, and the Profit+ storefront plugin has been designed and built by industry experts who have seen the world of eCommerce inside-out. Let us show you how your shop visitors will feel and think.

Finally, someone understands the importance of making our shopping experience spotless.

-- Your future happy client  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Really loved the mobile shopping experience, it was fast and real thumb-friendly.

-- Your future happy client  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Ten out of ten is what I told all my friends about this shop.

-- Your future happy client  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Feels like IKEA, works like LEGO. Drives like Ferrari. Costs only "4 cappuccinos" a month.

-- Your future happy client  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Filtering was really easy and smooth. Just loved it, and found my stuff fast.

-- Your future happy client  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

The surprise I got after confirming my order was just heart melting :)

-- Your future happy client  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

The shop was very simple to use, I did not need to do any guesswork, just love it.

-- Your future happy client  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I wish I could have a shop like this, i'm sure cost a fortune :) ??

-- Your future happy client  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Grow your eCom shop on autopilot, and let upgrades stream

Wunderfront's annual license gives you new and sales-boosting features, design options, and blocks all on the go. You only have to click a few buttons to make them visible in your shop. Never pay for something that has been done before, again and again. Let the new sales-boosting features and designs stream!

Wunderfront is also the eliminator of stress and time loss, and instead gives you ...

Sales-boosting designs

Sales-boosting features

Proven growth hacks

Data & research proven tactics

More client happiness

Higher profitability

More free time

Less stress

Higher ROI on ads

All of it with one flat-n-small fee

👍  Still more affordable than an electric scooter

Wunderful Pricing

Find a storefront plan that works for you and your eCom shop. And we guarantee they work for your business too. Meet our “Do it yourself” plans for the Profit+ plugin.

$349.00 / year

30 day money back guarantee

Profit+ Best

The Protit+ BEST gives your shop amazing designs and makes it meet over 500 UX guidelines from scratch. Yes, the best of the best is our baseline. You get tons of sales pumps too!

What's included?

All the Wunderfront Profit+ offers (full list)

One year license for 1 store

All new updates, new features

Email customer support

$399.00 / year

30 day money back guarantee

Profit+ Bold

The Protit+ BOLD gives your shop everything amazing in BEST, and gives your shop a bold and ultra-modern look and feel — no compromises on sales pumps or design.

What's included?

All the Wunderfront Profit+ offers (full list)

One year license for 1 store

All new updates, new features

Email customer support

Coming soon

30 day money back guarantee

Profit+ Spacebar X

The Protit+ Spacebar X is something else! It packs all from BEST & BOLD and gives your shop more UNBEATABLE sales pumps and designs. And you can change everything by hitting your spacebar.

What's included?

The mega-pack of all designs & features

One year license for 1 store

All new updates, new features

Email customer support

Some shops to enjoy

✅ Whoever visits your shop should feel more than excellent. That’s the baseline.
✅ A great store should not enable you to do anything. Just the right things.
✅ Everything in Wunderfront is pre-built for you. Just fill in the gaps.

Profit+ BOLD Demoshop

Smooth UX covered and sprinkled with bold designs are all yours to discover.

Profit+ BEST Demoshop

Smooth UX covered and sprinkled with modern designs are all yours to discover.

SAFE Collectibles

A German brand selling their collectibles and gear happily on Wunderfront.

Estonian Ecom. Association

The most authoritative eCom organization in Estonia, running on Wunderfront.


Kids clothing company founded by a grandmother, even she finds it easy.

More custom projects

Wunderfront has many big and small projects under the belt. Meet some of them.

Feels like IKEA, or Apple - simple, attractive and highly intuitive


Wunderfront keeps a close eye on the eCommerce, usability, and design best practices - and equips the Storefront Profit+ & Spacebar X with more profit and experience-boosting features on the go. You get it all on the go. And nicely designed!

Flat fee, all included

• Get it all with a gorgeously flat and affordable annual license
• Get ahead of the game and stay on top of your game
• Avoid big costs, turn them into profit, or fuel your growth

All key pages are beautifully pre-designed, for-profit, and your brand

An admin built to win

Speed from need

What can I NOT do with Wunderfront? Easily :)

Do everything for everybody, why would you?`

Mess up key pages layouts, UX, and checkout

Edit every little detail and make shop ugly

Waste time and effort on low priority features

Get no support from PROs

Talk dirt on design or UX

And a bit more :)

Plugins that we know work great with Profit+

WooCommerce Membership

WooCommerce Subscriptions

WooCommerce Bundles

Fibosearch Premium

Wordpress Multilingual

Yith Premium Ajax Product Filters

Google Address Autocomplete

WP Rocket & Imagify


SEO Yoast

Wunderwall, the list of key features

Data & research streamed designs and sales-boosts

Multistep wunder-checkout with parcel terminal support

Wunder Campaigns on home page & categories

Fast and smooth autosuggest search

Great product listing & filtering experience

Super easy mega menu, hot mobile navigation

Sticky call to actions & bottom navigation

Premium sidecart experience

Custom product tabs

Sales boosting benefits bar

Sales count down timer

Easy social login and signup

Intuitive wishlist for guests and members

Brand pages and filters

Color and size swatches

Share cart URL on social, link or email

Photo product reviews

Premium speed settings

SEO friendly markup

Blog pages ready for content marketing

Custom FAQ pages and categories

Confetti order confirmation

Low on stock urgency-bar

Product page upsells and cross-sells

My Account saved addresses

Free shipping treshhold progressbar

Crazy bang for a buck!!!

All this crazy value for such a little price (over 200 times cheaper than to build the good old custom way). We hope you get the value, and are ready to live a better life and boost your business.

You get expert team and output

As an example Wundefront’s team has trained thousands of people in Grow with Google series, spoken at several offline eCom events, done webinars with Trusted Shops, etc.

Awards as a cherry on cake

Wundefront’s team holds European Design Awards Silver (x1), German Design Awards 2019-2021 (x3), Golden Egg Awards (x3) and a few more. You get high standards, and consitent quality.

Support from experts.

We're here so you can reach out, and we do our best to make you even more happier, and share our 10+ years of experience.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is this really the last storefront I need?

Most certainly, yes. Why change and replace themes? Why pay for super expensive eCommerce redesigns and makeovers. Wunderfront packs so much value and flexibility and keeps on evolving. You can always benefit from it.


Do I really need NO tech skills?

Of course, we built Wunderfront with simplicity in mind, and as much as we can to please your users, we want to please you. It is as easy as sending an email. Press buttons and switches, drag and drop - and that's it.


Do I get new sales-boosting new features after the lauch too?

Yes, Wunderfront Storefront comes with a license and as long as you have a valid license, you get all the new sales-boosting features and designs we add - with NO extra cost. You can turn them ON OFF whenever you feel like doing so.


Will I really earn more profit?

Most likely, yes, the storefront is designed to pump up the revenue per user, meaning more users will buy more from you (and current clients will buy even a bit more). So unless you start buying Lambos and Ferraris every month, you should be good in this area. It will even make you Ad campaigns more profitable, as the storefront converts more traffic into paying customers, more efficiently.


How long does it take to get my storefront up?

Based on out tests, from 15 minutes to a few hours - depending on your hosting provider and skills. If you need our help on the initial setup, it goes fast. If you want us to customize the storefront to your brand and needs - that really depends from the needs. The fastest way to get a solid answer on this - is to get in touch with us, we're happy to listen to your goals and situation - and give our best recommendations and overview. Get in touch with us today.

Founded and designed by awarded industry experts

Get early access and -50% off

“The eCommerce experience is painfully awkward and expensive, for businesses and their customers”

During the last 8 years, my agency Bitfiner has worked with clients from over 20 countries, won over 10 awards (incl. European Design Awards 2021 Silver), worked with dozens of development agencies - and it became apparent - this madness needs to stop. Most eCommerce businesses don't know how bad their user experience is and how much development agencies suck from their pockets. A lot of time and money is wasted, businesses and people are unhappy. I founded Wunderfront to help eCommerce businesses grow the proven way and offer a supreme digital experience for their customers - and create a new standard in eCommerce.

Lauri Post
Founder of Wunderfront and bitfiner.

* European Design Awards 2021, Silver
* Golden Egg 2021, Gold
* German Design Award 2021, Special
* Awwwards, Honorable Mention (x2)
* Speaker at Grow with Google series 2021

“Building an eCommerce site should be far simpler than what it is now”

After spending A LOT of painful hours building eCommerce stores from scratch and dealing with problems that just do not make sense, we have come up with an idea to streamline and bundle up all of our knowledge, best eCommerce selling, design and development practises. That is Wunderfont, simply plug and play - no more custom development and overhead.

Ioannis Thefanopoulos
Co-Founder of Wunderfront and Senior Technical Project Lead at bitfiner.

- 2019 Web Summit participant and Speaker, with QDB (Qatar Development Bank)
- 7+ years hands on experience working with Web projects
- Comes from technical background (Originally a developer)
- CMS expert

Need more reasons to go Wunderfront?

Wunderfront is not just a product or set of products. It is a movement to make your business more profitable, and enable shoppers around the world, to love online shopping even more. We fight for your business and happiness.

Experience & profit first

A strategic and seamless shopping experience is the foundation of your profitability. The team at Wunderfront is on a mission to make it happen for you.

Full compatibility

We love Wordpress and WooCommerce, and keep following the platform's native logic, so your shop is always compatible and easy to scale. No lock-ins!

100% for you

Nobody has forced us to create our products, other than our hearts. When we build something, it must benefit you, your business, and your clients.

Clean, modular, and well-organized code

Save time instead of spending time

Fuel your eCommerce site with more growth.