You have the right to grow profit, the proven way

Access to profit boosting knowledge, tools, hacks and common information - that enable you to offer a superb customer experience - should be fair and affordable. If not free!

Offering and receiving a great customer experience, and running a profitable business should be a human right. Not a fight. Yet here we are, seeing the wheel being reinvented every day.

Life is too short to read thousands of blogs, take hundreds of courses, wait months/years for developments, and still fail. Profit must be used to fuel growth.

Right to grow is a movement to
secure profitability, and:

Give you the knowledge

Give you the core knowledge and tools to keep your eCommerce business way more profitable.

Turn visitors to customers

Help you convert more visitors into paying customers, and bring more sense to your ad spend.

Help you grow faster

Help you evolve your shop times faster and more efficient, and avoid overpaying. Simple as that.

Help you protect profit

Hungry ads, hungry agencies, hungry shipping, hungry everything. We’re here to optimize and protect.

We need to work smart, not hard.

Would an agency develop the same feature 100 times and charge for it? Yes, why not, it is all billable hours. As a community, as a business owner, does it make sense to pay for the same thing 100 times - while considering that it is something digital, and can be replicated with seconds?

Does it make sense to have your hands tied together, and being forced to give great pieces of your profit pie to hungry "machines", that care very little to none of your profitability? Yet is very common many eCommerce businesses have developed themselves in a corner, have their hands tied, bleed profit, and lose momentum - or even worse, close up.

We need to invest smarter, not harder.

Do you see the ad costs and delivery costs getting lower and lower and profit getting bigger and bigger? Do you see the development costs getting lower and lower? Do you see your customers demanding for less and less? Do you see your employees asking for less? What about your appetite? So many mouths and desired to feed. We need to invest smart.

Profit is freedom

Profit enables you to be free and independent, therefor you must design your business, for more profit. Freedom enables you to make the best decisions, not just the affordable. Profit enables you to expand, to please yourself, and your employees and your customers. What about partners, technology and beyond? It is clear without doubt, profit makes you and your business free.

Open source platforms and battle-tested tactics, plugins and frameworks keep your business lean.

Getting your hands tied in monopolies, is you walking on thin ice. Understanding, what works and what not - in the favour of your customers, profit and business in general - pulls those profit gauges more back to normal. And makes room for massive upgrades.

Being independent, knowledgeable, having the possibility to upgrade your shop, when you like it, and while paying 1/10th of the cost, is what is starting to move the profit gauges up and up.

The no-code movement is ...

The no-code movement is soon replacing the good old custom development.


Affordable, and even free software is long time around us - but now more than ever, it is taking over our old mindset where we paid insane amounts from our profits and waited too long for those custom developments.


The no-code movement brings the power to us, the merchants, and enables us to build our business's from LEGO blocks. We can still look unique and exceptional, but with a fraction of the cost.


We can adapt, evolve, with insane speed and at a low cost. Having less coding around us, does not make you worse, but the opposite. Reusable features, blocks, integrations and the list goes on, makes you times more scalable.

Here to win

We at Wunderfront are here to win, for you, and with you - join us. Share the word with your friends and colleagues, share us your stories, just reach out. Together we are stronger, together we can go further.

People and businesses with a winning mindset see an internal representation of who they are and what they want. And who they become.

Lauri Post

Profit is sustainable

Investing smarter, not harder is your way to greater sustainability. Keeping your evolution lean and under control, keeps your business more profitable. What's even greater, the amount time, the kilometers traveled, the coffees drank, energy spent, whatever consumed - greatly reduces, and not only keeps you more sustainable, it also serves the planet.

Profit creates jobs

Revenue is nice, but money in your pocket, is way nicer. Profit enables you do merge more people with your mission and purpose, and multiply your effect. It also brings real food on the table, makes real memories, real emotions, creates real lives.

Profit is happiness

Happy people live a longer and a more meaningful life. Since you were born to this world, it makes sense to spend your time happily, and bring joy to the people around you. Life is amazing, and running an eCommerce business, should be as amazing and full-filling. Profit makes you happy, so you can make the people around you happy!

Profit is a human right

As we think of air, water and food - we should think of profit. We need it, otherwise we're gone. It is a human right, to be happy and earn profit. The only question is, how far should we all go while pursuing profit!? We need to be humane, we need to stay humble, yet hungry!

Founded and designed by awarded industry experts

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“The eCommerce experience is painfully awkward and expensive, for businesses and their customers”

During the last 8 years, my agency Bitfiner has worked with clients from over 20 countries, won over 10 awards (incl. European Design Awards 2021 Silver), worked with dozens of development agencies - and it became apparent - this madness needs to stop. Most eCommerce businesses don't know how bad their user experience is and how much development agencies suck from their pockets. A lot of time and money is wasted, businesses and people are unhappy. I founded Wunderfront to help eCommerce businesses grow the proven way and offer a supreme digital experience for their customers - and create a new standard in eCommerce.

Lauri Post
Founder of Wunderfront and bitfiner.

* European Design Awards 2021, Silver
* Golden Egg 2021, Gold
* German Design Award 2021, Special
* Awwwards, Honorable Mention (x2)
* Speaker at Grow with Google series 2021

“Building an eCommerce site should be far simpler than what it is now”

After spending A LOT of painful hours building eCommerce stores from scratch and dealing with problems that just do not make sense, we have come up with an idea to streamline and bundle up all of our knowledge, best eCommerce selling, design and development practises. That is Wunderfont, simply plug and play - no more custom development and overhead.

Ioannis Thefanopoulos
Co-Founder of Wunderfront and Senior Technical Project Lead at bitfiner.

- 2019 Web Summit participant and Speaker, with QDB (Qatar Development Bank)
- 7+ years hands on experience working with Web projects
- Comes from technical background (Originally a developer)
- CMS expert

You have the right to grow the proven way!

→ You have the right, to cut the ties, and be free at what you do!
→ You have the right to be happy!
→ You have the right to not waste your time and money!
→ You have the right to access information, that enables all of this!
→ You have the right to have an amazing life!

Fuel your eCommerce site with more growth.