Most eCommerce projects we saw during agency times


Over deadline

Most custom or complex eCom development projects we saw, went over the deadline.


Over budget

Most custom or complex eCom development projects we saw, went over the budget.



Most developers or agencies we worked with were happy to repeat mistakes and charge again and again.



This all raised so many red flags and questions - is this how it is supposed to be, so painful?

Fight for profit

Without clients, you have no business. Without loyal and happy clients you have no long term business. Therefor serving a "more than a good" customer experience, shopping experience or even user experience - must be in your top priority list. That's exactly what we are doing, designing and developing digital products so you can seduce more clients and stay happily married until the end of times.

Fight for clients

Without happy and returning customers growing gross profit is extremely hard. Without long-term profit you simply fail to grow, or grow slow. Every product Wunderfront designs and develops is meant to make your business more profitable, while also taking care of your customer's wellbeing. We use data, research, and of course experimentation - to keep you and your clients happy while shopping online. Profit is fuel!

Founded by industry professionals

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Meet Lauri

Lauri quit his marketing and sales career around 10 years ago, freelanced a bit and then founded a digital design agency Bitfiner over 7 years ago.

On the way he has worked with clients from 20+ countries, won over 10 design awards (European Design Awards 2021 - Silver, German Design Awards 2019-2021 etc), has trained thousands of people in the Grow with Google series, given speeches in many eCommerce seminars, co-hosted several webinars including a featured one with Trusted Shops.

After 10 years in the user experience, design, and eCommerce business Lauri founded Wunderfront, to help more eCommerce businesses get more fuel for growth. And to transition from Agency world into the SaaS world.

Lauri Post

Meet Franz

Franz started his creative career the other way around. Instead of focusing on the career first, he started working on himself, with a deep dive into yoga and meditation.

The belief was simple, in order to change the world, one has to start with itself. This simple principle applies perfectly for Wunderfront too, before serving others at scale, one has to be mature enough to do so. On top of being an exceptional digital designer, animator and videographer - for the past 8 years, Franz decided to join the Wunderfront's customer experience and profit mission. With the aim to help make the world of eCommerce more magical, systemised, profitable, and emphatic.

As Franz and Lauri are former colleagues and have worked together for over 5 years, and won several awards together - Wunderfront has a solid foundation in place, as a business and a product. But most of all - reasoning.

Franz Krusenberg
Bitfiner is global agency
Trusted by customers from over 20 countries, over 10 awards won on the way.

Why consider Wunderfront as your new growth solution or partner?

Pretty packed with value!


Long term focus

We're not about tech or latest trends. We focus on 2 things - enhancing customer experience of shoppers and boosting your profitability. Trends come and go, beliefs will stay, and steer us in the right direction.


Data and research

While opinions sometimes do hit the jackpot, data and research helps to increase the success rates on a completely different scale. We worship data, but take our own decisions.


Mobile and NOW

Mobile shopping is clearly a dominant force these days, with Wunderfront you can be a king on mobile today, not tomorrow. 3D and AR, voice - whatever comes next, you get it too.


Modular and easy

Wunderfront was actually born from an internal need in our design agency Bitfiner. We built Wundefront for our own use at first, but since it is so modular and easy to expand, we decided to make it more accessible for more eCommerce businesses.


Value keeps on coming

The annual license taps you right into the value stream, for as long as you want. We work every day to improve your business and enhance the customer experience. And you get all the updates on the go!



Since we go customer experience and profit first - we do not care that much about platform or even technology - it is improving and supporting our mission for sure - but the real scalability kicks in from the modular design approach.


Beautifully designed

As we originate from design related agencies and have deep profession in these areas, we simply can not deliver mediocrity and have high standards.


Smarter not harder

We live to work smarter not harder, systems, automations - inventing new from old is what keeps us evolving.



Since all we do, is designed and build as a scalable product - it really brings down the cost, and makes everything we do for you - much more affordable.

🇪🇪 Made in Tallinn, Estonia - the leader in Europe in startups, unicorns and investments per capita.

What people say

What do people who have worked with the members of Wunderfront have to say? Take a read yourself and in case you wonder what is Bitfiner, it is the agency where Wunderfront was originally founded.

“Great knowledge”

Lauri from Bitfiner & Wunderfront have contributed with four excellent trainings to our SMB digital skills training program in Estonia. The great knowledge and detail-oriented approach to design and usability has shone through both the content and delivery. It has been a joy to work with them!”

Tom Pruunsild
Project Manager for Grow with Google trainings

“Fast and efficient”

Collaboration with Wunderfront is very good and things go fast. They are professionals in their field, and have mastered the latest eCommerce trends. We re-designed the entire eCommerce site with team Wunderfront and their design system.

Taavi Laeks
Board Member of Weekend, an apparel chain with over 30M in annual revenue

“Valuable partner”

Bitfiner/Wunderfront is a valuable partner for The Estonian E-Commerce Association and is actively supporting and educating the eCommerce industry globally. Our WooCommerce shop also runs on Wunderfront.

Tõnu Väät
CEO at The Estonian E-Commerce Association

“Fantastic to work with”

Wunderfront did a great job in improving the user experience of our digital product. They're a fast and professional partner who were fantastic to work with.

Ott Ilves
Growth Marketing @Paywerk


Working with Lauri and Franz from Wunderfront was a real eye-opening experience. So things can actually be done in high quality, super-fast speed and fair pricing? Sign me up for more! The professionalism, positive vibes and a somewhat rare ability to keep meetings short and productive is a real treat. They listen, guide and form even the most difficult ideas into usable interfaces with care. 10/10!

Silver Ernesaks
Chief Strategic Technology Officer @Zave Energy Group


A top-class partner in their field. Every project has been a joyable, yet really constructive and a successful ride which has improved our UX remarkably! 😉

Mari-Liis Medar
Brand Manager

“One of a kind”

A one of a kind company in its field. We have had very smooth cooperation and they have given us very valuable insight to improve our eCommerce, average order value and the customer experience overall.

Hanna Loodmaa
Marketing manager @TKM King AS

“A pleasure”

I have worked together with Lauri and Bitfiner with several different projects and this has always been a pleasure. Got many good ideas how to improve average order value! Keep up the good work!

Urmas Piik
eCommerce Product Owner @Tele2

“Remarkably swift”

We were in search of something trendy and modern. Asking the right questions, Wunderfront was quick to show initiative. We provided the scope and they delivered. Professionals.

Product Manager @Nixor

“Get more done quicker”

Working with Bitfiner is both a pleasure and a revelation. With those guys we simply get more done much more quickly. They speak digital in perfection.

Matthias Paskowsky
Co-founder @4+ businesses in Germany

“A bliss”

Working with Bitfiner is a bliss. They are a professional, highly motivated and competent team. They see opportunities and challenges, think along.

Silver Rits
Co-Founder @Jura Estonia & Rickman


From KAFO's side I can say that our cooperation with Bitfiner is very constructive. They are pros in their field and can always give the best solution for our needs.

Andris Malnačs
Lead of Coffee Solution Department @KAFO

“Easy to work with”

Working with BitFiner is really easy – they provide a clear roadmap and everyone speaks the same language so that non-designers can also follow the complex processes.

Keit Kiissel
Head of International Marketing @TalTech

“Great results”

We’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with Bitfiner! They’re a wonderfully creative company with a professional team that is quick in delivering great results.

Eva Leemet


Working with Bitfiner turned out to be a great and smooth experience with very close and frequent communication. Working remotely came with no challenges.

Linnéa Holbeck
CEO & Co-founder

“Fast, professional”

Bit Finer team is committed, fast and professional. Their audit gave us valuable information and guided us in choosing the right direction. Recommend!

Margot Kebbinau
Project Lead @Nova Natura

“Strategic partner”

Bitfiner is a strategic design partner that does not only make cool designs but also thinks with you in order to work out the best solution for everybody involved.

Richard Rõõmusaar
Marketing Lead


The Team at Bitfiner gives tremendous support to Bring Hope Humanitarian Foundation on a weekly basis. The service is outstanding, fast, and precise. They are sincere!

Johanna Richardsson
BringHope Foundation


Bitfiner has helped us with our immediate UX needs in a professional way, at the same time keeping a personal touch on all cooperation. We would definitely recommend Bitfiner.

Marjon Wohlén
Founder @Mitigram

“Improve usability”

We use Bitfiner's Helumium eCom Conversion Kit and auditing services to improve the usability and conversion rates on the key areas of our current website.

Kelly K.
Head of eCom and HR

We trust our wunderteam to

We want our clients to

We want your clients to

You get expert advice and knowledge only

As an example Wundefront’s team has trained thousands of people at the Grow with Google series, spoken at several offline eCommerce seminars, done webinars with Trusted Shops - a household brand from Germany, guarding more than 30 million shoppers.

Prestigious design awards as a cherry on cake

Wunderfront’s team holds European Design Awards Silver (x1), German Design Awards 2019-2021 (x3), Golden Egg Awards (x3) and a few more. You get high standards, and consistent quality.

Fuel your eCommerce site with more growth.