The team at Wunderfront has collaborated with businesses from over 20 countries, ranging from 500k - 100M+ revenues. Read more.

Relentless focus on mobile, profit and customer experience

A smooth and seductive shopping experience should not be a competitive advantage, it should be a standard (like hygiene). With Wunderfront you get high-end premium look and feel with just a tenth of the cost.

Wunderfront WooCommerce Storefront is a conversion optimized storefront - that does not enable you to do anything. It is not for anyone. It does the right things, elegantly for people who appreciate simplicity and trust data.

Designed and built with business KPIs in mind

Profitability + AOV

Wunderfront makes your site more profitable. Visitors will turn to customers faster and buy more.

Revenue per user (RPU)

Sending traffic to your site is nice, getting more revenue / profit from each visitor is way nicer.

Life time value (LTV)

Giving people what they want, extremely fast, smooth - this helps to keep them happy, and come back.


The seducing and pleasing storefront helps to retain customers for longer, and keeps your business more stable.

Yes - you can afford it, but can you afford not having it?

Wunderfront is a highly converting and modular storefront for ambitious eCommerce businesses. Designed to boost profitability and customer lifetime value. A new standard in eCommerce.

Save over 50%

Launching on Wunderfront WooCommerce Storefront goes over 50% faster and efficient than the good old way.

(re)Launch with speed

Choose a package below, and off you go. A few design tweaks, personalization, and you are set to launch.

Grow further

Time and timing is everything. Just focus on your business and speed, let Wunderfront take care of the front.

Do it the proven way

Wunderfront has over 80,000 hours of research and experience built in. You get what is proven to work.

Do it with PROs

Wunderfront is here to help, you get pros to tweak and laser target your new WooCommerce storefront.

Keep evolving

Get new sales boosting features on the go, without paying tens of thousands to develop them. Tap into Wunderfront.

How to launch to new heights with Wunderfront?

It's easy.


Get in touch

Just reach out to Wunderfront, get a personal demo and a product tour. Then decide if it's a good match or not. No strings attached!


Get a personal plan

After the YES word, the team at Wunderfront adapts with your business and makes a personal plan just for you. What to do, change and why.


PROs tweak designs

We believe one size does not fit all - and our awarded designers will invest a bit of time to make your storefront stand out and look unique. While boosting profit.


PROs tweak backend

Based on the plan and the design tweaks our developers will set the Wunderfront WooCommerce plugin up as planned. You can just sit back and relax.


Setup & get up

Once all is prepared, it is time to setup the site, products, and the nitty gritty. We usually leave the products to your team, as you know them better, but can offer assistance if needed.



Once all is set up. and heavily tested, it is time to prepare the engines and wait for the countdown. 3 2 1 - launch!

What’s inside in short?

Wunderfront WooCommerce Storefront plugin supercharges your store with sales boosting features and great design.

Take a look at the wunderful back-end

We believe in simplicity and place our bets on the fact that adminning your site it not your dream. Therefor you will see simple options and ON OFF switches, and two lines of text that tell how great it is for your profit - or not. Simple!

What people say

What do people who have worked with the members of Wunderfront have to say? Take a read yourself and in case you wonder what is Bitfiner, it is the agency where Wunderfront was originally founded.

“Great knowledge”

Lauri and Bitfiner has contributed with four excellent trainings to our SMB digital skills training program in Estonia. The great knowledge and detail-oriented approach to design and usability has shone through both the content and delivery. It has been a joy to work with Bitfiner!”

Tom Pruunsild
Project Manager for Grow with Google trainings

“Get more done quicker”

Working with Bitfiner is both a pleasure and a revelation. With those guys we simply get more done much more quickly. They speak digital in perfection.

Matthias Paskowsky
Co-founder @4+ businesses in Germany

“Valuable partner”

Bitfiiner is a valuable partner for The Estonian E-Commerce Association and is actively supporting and educating the eCommerce industry globally.

Tõnu Väät
CEO at The Estonian E-Commerce Association

Designed and built by industry experts


20+ countries

The team at Wunderfront has packaged the knowledge of working with clients from over 20 countries in one product.


Google, Trusted Shops

The team at Wunderfront has trained thousands of people at the Grow with Google series and elsewhere (offline, online).


10+ international awards

European Design Awards Silver, several German Design Awards and many more. You get high standards and consistent quality.

Meet featured pilot projects that are about to launch soon

Founded and designed by awarded industry experts

Get early access and -50% off

“The eCommerce experience is painfully awkward and expensive, for businesses and their customers”

During the last 8 years, my agency Bitfiner has worked with clients from over 20 countries, won over 10 awards (incl. European Design Awards 2021 Silver), worked with dozens of development agencies - and it became apparent - this madness needs to stop. Most eCommerce businesses don't know how bad their user experience is and how much development agencies suck from their pockets. A lot of time and money is wasted, businesses and people are unhappy. I founded Wunderfront to help eCommerce businesses grow the proven way and offer a supreme digital experience for their customers - and create a new standard in eCommerce.

Lauri Post
Founder of Wunderfront and bitfiner.

* European Design Awards 2021, Silver
* Golden Egg 2021, Gold
* German Design Award 2021, Special
* Awwwards, Honorable Mention (x2)
* Speaker at Grow with Google series 2021

“Building an eCommerce site should be far simpler than what it is now”

After spending A LOT of painful hours building eCommerce stores from scratch and dealing with problems that just do not make sense, we have come up with an idea to streamline and bundle up all of our knowledge, best eCommerce selling, design and development practises. That is Wunderfont, simply plug and play - no more custom development and overhead.

Ioannis Thefanopoulos
Co-Founder of Wunderfront and Senior Technical Project Lead at bitfiner.

- 2019 Web Summit participant and Speaker, with QDB (Qatar Development Bank)
- 7+ years hands on experience working with Web projects
- Comes from technical background (Originally a developer)
- CMS expert

We have worked on dozens of eCommerce storefronts.

Big and small - we love you all. The Wunderfront storefront plugin and services are best matching small to medium sized businesses.

A valuable partner for The Estonian E-Commerce Association and is actively supporting and educating the eCommerce industry globally.

Tõnu Väät
CEO at The Estonian E-Commerce Association

Frequently Asked Questions

Contact us

Is this really the last storefront I need?

Most certainly, yes. Why change and replace themes? Why pay for super expensive eCommerce redesigns and makeovers. Wunderfront packs so much value and flexibility and keeps on evolving. You can always benefit from it.


Do I really need NO tech skills?

Of course, we built Wunderfront with simplicity in mind, and as much as we can to please your users, we want to please you. It is as easy as sending an email. Press buttons and switches, drag and drop - and that's it.


Do I get new sales-boosting new features after the lauch too?

Yes, Wunderfront Storefront comes with a license and as long as you have a valid license, you get all the new sales-boosting features and designs we add - with NO extra cost. You can turn them ON OFF whenever you feel like doing so.


Will I really earn more profit?

Most likely, yes, the storefront is designed to pump up the revenue per user, meaning more users will buy more from you (and current clients will buy even a bit more). So unless you start buying Lambos and Ferraris every month, you should be good in this area. It will even make you Ad campaigns more profitable, as the storefront converts more traffic into paying customers, more efficiently.


How long does it take to get my storefront up?

Well, this really depends on which package and approach you prefer. If you just need our help on the initial setup, it goes fast - in days. If you want us to customize the storefront to your brand and needs - that really depends from the needs. The fastest way to get a solid answer on this - is to get in touch with us, we're happy to listen to your goals and situation - and give our best recommendations and overview. Get in touch with us today.

Fuel your eCommerce site with more growth.