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Wunderfront’s team has worked with businesses from 20+ countries, trained thousands of people, won over 10 awards.

Don't let the WooCommerce default checkout sink your sales!

The average shopping cart abandonment rate is 70%

Over 80% of mobile shoppers abandon their carts

$18 billion is lost to cart abandonment each year

This is just the tip of the iceberg (Source)

The problem is big. Checkout is the most important part of your shop, and WooCommerce default checkout, simply does not meet the best conversion practices. You are losing money if you keep serving a poor or even mediocre checkout experience.

Checkout MAX uses proven and premium tactics to boost your transaction volumes

Baymard Institute user research and studies show that a 35% boost in conversions can be seen, just by making your checkout meet the best practices in design and usability.

Make visitors fall in love and become customers

Checkout MAX is strongly based on premium and pay-walled research, and best practices known in eCommerce. For example Baymard Institute, Google, CXL and many others have spent over 100,000 hours of research to decode what really works in eCommerce. We have implemented these best practices into the Checkout MAX for you.

Highly seductive on mobile devices, and on desktop

Checkout MAX multi-step checkout works really smoothly on mobile devices, where we added the most effort, because almost 80% of online shoppers abandon their mobile carts and checkouts. The Checkout Max multi-step checkout is designed to boost your sales and customer happiness, and is sprinkled with convenience and ease of use.

Proven to work for sales, and please your customers

Conducting heavy research on big brands, analyzing purchase patterns, talking to real customers, testing relentlessly and monitoring people's shopping behavior - is how Checkout MAX baseline was born. 100,000 hours of research, 10+ years of experience, professional execution - will only benefit your business.

Checkout MAX multi-step checkout works with any theme and setup takes 15-30 minutes

How come Checkout MAX is better than my WooCommerce default checkout? We thought you never ask - here are some facts to illustrate the story. Prepare to scroll! Have fun too.

Sales-boosting features

Checkout MAX PRO

Checkout MAX Free


Checkout MAX Super Admin

- to turn boosting options ON or OFF

Multi-step checkout process

- to boost focus, reduce fear and friction

Multilingual support

- translate your site to any language using WPML, etc.

Design, branding, and style options

- to make checkout look more like yours.

Data and research-fed designs

- to seduce people the proven way

Mobile first designs

- to recover more sales on mobile

Ask delivery first

- to ask for details as people think

Sticky mobile call to action bar

- to make shopping more convenient

Country gate

- to quickly filter our best shipping, payment options

Checkout step summary

- to show people that they are doing great

Ultra clear input fields

- to help people see that they enter all good

Parcel and robo-terminal support

- with inputs that are really needed

Google Address Autocomplete

- to save a lot of time on data entry

Custom messages for guests, members

- greet your clients with a personalized message

Local pickup and in-store collection

- to brands who also sell offline

One-tap contacts

- to help people call or email you with a single tap

Clear progress bar

- to show people where they are and what is left

Order review

- to reduce fear of error, and bring more clarity

Trustmarks and social proof cards

- to build more trust on checkout

Auto-hide useless inputs

- to ask for data, that you actually need

Custom and optimized order confirmation page

- to build more clarity and trust

Confetti order confirmation animation

- to surprise people

Glowing and micro-animated buttons

- to lead attention better

Business checkout

- to help B2B customers buy more smoothly

Average delivery time showcase

- to make more people buy faster

Save guest input data

- for those who want to return their purchase later

Guest default and member checkout

- to allow guests and members to buy

Multi-address member checkout

- to make them check out faster

Sign up and log in side panel

- to smoothly let people join or log in

Social login and sign up

- to make the process more convenient

Pre-header Sales & Security benefits-bar

- to help people feel secure and buy more

Footer benefits bar

to build more trust and reduce fear at checkout

Footer payment logos

- to show people they can use top providers

WooCommerce Subscriptions Compatibility

- to sell them like PRO

Custom desktop experience

- to make shopping even more convenient

Checkout Max works great with top payment plugins, and more

Checkout Max comes in 10 languages, and more is coming

🇺🇸 English  🇪🇸 Spanish 🇩🇪 German 🇫🇷 French 🇵🇱 Polish 🇫🇮 Finnish 🇪🇪 Estonian 🇱🇻 Latvian 🇱🇹 Lithuanian 🇷🇸 Serbian

Have questions on compatibility? Contact us

Yes, there is even more - get it all today and get all the future updates on autopilot

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Wunderfront packs best practices, 10 years of experience and beyond

Wunderfront is no stranger to eCommerce, and the Profit+ storefront plugin has been designed and built by industry experts who have seen the world of eCommerce inside-out. See some featured reviews and feel free to check more. Read more testimonials.

The great knowledge and detail-oriented approach to design and usability have shone through both the content and delivery.

-- Tom Pruunsild, Grow with Google ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

So things can actually be done in high quality, super-fast speed and fair pricing? Sign me up for more!

-- Silver Ernesaks, Zave Group ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Got many good ideas how to improve Tele2.ee average order value! Keep up the good work! Always been a pleasure.

-- Urmas Piik, Tele2 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

With those guys we simply get more done much more quickly. They speak digital in perfection.

-- Matthias, 4+ businesses in Germany ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

A top-class partner in their field. Every project has been a joyable, yet really constructive.

-- Mari-Liis, Denim Dream ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

They're a fast and professional partner who were fantastic to work with.

-- Ott Ilves, Paywerk ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

They provide a clear roadmap and everyone speaks the same "simple" language.

-- Keit , TalTech ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

They are a professional, highly motivated and competent team.

-- Silver Rits, JURA Estonia ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Wunderfront’s team has worked with businesses from 20+ countries, trained thousands of people, won over 10 awards.

Pro License

$9 / month

or $59 / year

Save -45%

Get all the value-packed features right now and in the future - and boost sales & customer happiness, the proven way.

All Checkout MAX PRO features

Auto-stream new features on the go

Expert customer support

One website license activation

Exclusive deals on Wunderfront’s products

Lite Version


Amazingly value-packed

Get tons of value-packed features right now and in the future - and boost sales & customer happiness, more than now!

All Checkout MAX FREE features

Community support

A lot better than the WooCommerce default

Ran into small layout or compatibility issues with your theme? No worries - we will help for free!

If for some reason the Checkout MAX plugin has small layout or display issues with your theme, Wunderfront is happy to look into for free and try to resolve any issues you face. Assuming the theme is a well known and popular one - in which case we are more than happy to provide a quick patch or fix on the house, for free! For your information, not all themes follow WooCommerce best practices and in some cases it is very difficult to catch all the things your theme wants to send to checkout. Patches are usually simple and go fast, just a few lines a code and your theme is compatible!

If you have a custom built theme or some complex plugin combinations, and the Checkout MAX has small layout or display issues with your theme, Wunderfront is happy to look into for free and propose a resolution or an estimate that can resolve any issues you face. Patches are usually simple and go fast, just some lines a code and your theme is most likely fully compatible! A few hours of patching is way more efficient than to develop such a powerful checkout yourself!?

Contact Wunderfront

Questions & Answers


Can I upgrade from FREE to PRO easily?

Of course. Give the free version a try and if you want take it to the next level, it's as easy as sending an email.


Which languages do you support?

We currently are translating Checkout MAX into over 10 languages. Don’t see your language? Let us know and we’ll add it, on the house :) 


Should I use my theme's default header and footer?

No, please. Checkout MAX has a minimized header and footer for a reason. To keep your visitors engaged and focused on checkout completion, not site discovery. Keeping it as on Checkout MAX is proven to increase conversion, and the strategy is packed by various AB tests, research and surveys.


What happens if my PRO license expires?

We will keep your checkout up and running for 7 days after your license expires (maybe you are on vacation etc, and can not extend it on time?). After that period, if you decide not to extend Checkout MAX PRO license, your checkout will revert back to WooCommerce or your theme's default.


Will Checkout MAX slow down my website?

Of course not. Checkout MAX multi-step checkout is built speed in mind, and works blazing fast. If will only make your checkout faster and smoother, and the rest of your site will remain untouched. We know, it's beautiful. Enjoy!


Will Checkout MAX work with my payment gateways?

Checkout MAX works with pretty much any payment provider, that works well with WooCommerce. If it works with WooCommerce, it works with Checkout MAX. And if you encounter something unexpected, just let us know, and we will come and help you, or fix the blocking issues on the spot.


Will Checkout MAX work with my theme?

The odds are 99% to YES. Checkout MAX should work with most themes out-of-the-box, assuming WooCommerce best practices are being followed. Some themes may need adjustments because they might not be using WooCommerce standard hooks or styles, and some themes may add their own customizations which might conflict with WooCommerce native logic and Checkout MAX.

If that should happen - just let us know, and we will try to resolve the issues you face :) 


Is Checkout MAX compliant with privacy laws (GDPR / RGPD / CCPA / LGPD)?

Your privacy and the privacy of your customers are important to us.

Although we cannot guarantee full compliance with privacy laws in all countries, we want to assure you that Checkout MAX will not gather any customer data from your store.

In the future, with your explicit consent, we may collect certain non-sensitive usage data from your website, such as plugin and WooCommerce settings, as well as information about other plugins and themes installed on your store.

This data will assist us in enhancing the plugin's performance. Before transmitting and storing any collected data on our servers, you will have the opportunity to review the specific details and examples of the data through the plugin interface.


Can I change the shop's domain associated with my license?

Yes. At present, the license key is not linked to your domain and its usage limit is determined by the number of times the plugin has been activated.

You get an expert team and output

As an example Wundefront’s team has trained thousands of people in Grow with Google series, spoken at several offline eCom events, done webinars with Trusted Shops, etc.

Awards as a cherry on the cake

Wundefront’s team holds European Design Awards Silver (x1), German Design Awards 2019-2021 (x3), Golden Egg Awards (x3) and a few more. You get high standards, and consistent quality.

Fuel your eCommerce site with more growth.